Web Monitoring and SLA Measurement

What does SLA really mean? It is defined differently for different organizations. Although this might be the understanding, there will still be a common understanding between individual departments which are internal to the organization. To define it in a very simple way, it is just an agreement between two parties on a service. The service needs to be provided, probably on a website (for example). Metrics that will be set upon these agreements, uptime is a common metric which will be agreed upon.

Server uptime if asked for any system admin, would define it by saying as the amount of time the server is running. This will be the server uptime. dark web monitoring Companies or service providers would guarantee upon maintaining the server uptime to a maximum but little do we know upon the calculation of the server uptime.

There are many levels to actually define uptime, lets take some into account. First would be the application level where the uptime could be about 92% to 98%, second could be at the service level on the web which could anything between 95% to 98%. Organizations could come to a common measurement metric to be more precise and define it globally with clarity.

The goals that are agreed upon could be the differential here. Apart from this, web monitoring is an aspect that will be more focused to measure the uptime or downtime of web servers.

It could be any companies nightmare that a web server might go down in the middle of the night. There will definitely be a huge hit on the business as clients and customers will be trying to reach from the other side of the world. The dependency is tremendous.

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