Three Movie Genres to Watch on Netflix


There are several movie genres: Crime-comedy, Supernatural Thrillers, and Docudrama. Each has its own unique elements and storylines, and typically involves a “ticking clock” element. To help you choose the best movie genre for you, read on to discover some of the most popular genres! Below are a few genres that are a good fit for your “all movies hub” movies hub”


A docudrama is a type of documentary film that focuses on the actual events and people in the story. While a docudrama may be written, it is often seen as a movie. This genre is often more realistic than fictional works, and is great for teaching and stimulating discussion. Here are some things to know about this genre. Let’s explore each in more detail. Listed below are three reasons to watch a docudrama:

One of the most interesting aspects of docudramas is their ability to teach. For example, The Infiltrators is a docudrama that tells the true story of the undocumented “Dreamers” who turned themselves in to the government. Directors Alex Rivera and Cristina Ibarra weave together real-life footage of the activists’ actions. The National Immigrant Youth Alliance and Mohammad Abdollahi star as two of the key players in the film. The film is also about Marco Saavedra, who turns himself in to a Broward County transitional center. Claudio Rojas plays Marco Saavedra, a member of the group.

Supernatural Thrillers

If you’re looking for the latest horror movies to shiver your spine, then the Netflix selection of Supernatural Thrillers movies is the way to go. This genre includes everything from paranormal thrillers to vampire fiction, and all are filled with chilling, unnerving, and disturbing stories. The supernatural genre is also a popular choice among genres that explore weird and unusual family dynamics, demonic activity, and technologically-driven inter-dimensional portals.

One of the most popular types of supernatural thrillers is the occult or religious genre. These films deal with matters of religion and the unknown, often relating them to God and the Bible. Like Religious Thrillers, Supernatural-Religious films often question the validity of current church practices and beliefs. Many Supernatural-Thrillers movies also incorporate a mysterious supernatural theme into the plot. They are best characterized by an unnerving atmosphere and a constant threat of paranormal activity.

Prison movies

The harsh realities of life in prison are often the subject of movies about prisoners. Many actors and directors have been inspired by the trials and tribulations that their characters experience. As a result, many audiences have come to identify with these characters. In these films, the protagonists often struggle to survive despite their physical limitations and the lack of freedom. These movies can also offer a glimpse of the prison’s power hierarchy and the struggles that prisoners face.

One of the most acclaimed movies about prisoners is The Platform. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau stars as a stockbroker in prison. His character, Jacob Harlon, is given a negotiated 16-month sentence following a DUI crash. After he becomes involved in a white supremacist gang, he does things that would get him thrown in jail for much longer. His life is not entirely ruined, however. The film highlights the struggles that incarcerated people go through, and is an engaging tale of survival.


If you like crime movies, you’ll probably enjoy the latest stand-up comedy. Stand-up Guys, starring Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin, revolves around hired killers and betrayals. The comedy elements in the movie are balanced by the fact that the movie is very light-hearted, as is the case with many crime-comedy movies. You might be surprised to learn that a crime-comedy movie can be a masterpiece. In addition, you’ll be happy to know that Tyler Perry, director and writer, is behind the film as well.

Many modern crime-comedy movies are directly inspired by The Last Judgment. Martin Scorsese, who directed the film, compared the story to a Hieronymus Bosch painting. The film uses many Bosch-like symbols throughout the film. One of these symbols is the dwarf. This movie features a recurring motif of the Last Judgment, including the dwarf and the waiting period.