Take A Memorable Holiday In Dubai With Friends

In today’s ultramodern working world, it’s always good to take time off to relax. And while relaxation often involves lounging around your house for a few days, it can be an excellent idea to take a weekend or short break away to a foreign location with a group of friends. For example, if you’re looking for a great place to take a boys-only vacation with your friends, Dubai offers excellent holiday opportunities, with a range of attractions and activities that are sure to appeal to a range of people.

One of the most novel ways to relax in Dubai is to take a desert safari. Trips to the desert in groups can be a great way to explore this stunning terrain, as well as a great way to find out about Arabic culture. Visitors on Dubai’s desert safaris can indulge in a variety of desert sports, including wadi-driving, dune driving and sand skiing. These sports are always best enjoyed with a large group of people, so if you’re on a holiday to Dubai with friends, you’re sure to gain maximum enjoyment from them. Desert safari Desert feasts can also be a fantastic way to end a day in the Dubai desert, and these often incorporate a traditional Arab barbeque held under the stars, with belly dancing and sometimes even a falconry display.

Holidaymakers travelling to Dubai with friends should certainly pay a visit to Dubai’s brilliant golf courses. In fact, golf fans will revel in Dubai’s status as ‘a golfer’s paradise’, and will remember the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and the well-known Emirate Golf Club as former venues of the European PGA Tour. Some golfing establishments even offer night golf, so golf fans who would rather escape the searing heat in Dubai can do so when they wish.

If you’re looking for alternative serene ways to enjoy your group holiday in Dubai, why not organise a tour down the Dubai creek? This provides holidaymakers with a superb way to see old Dubai while enjoying a harmonious cruise down the waterway. Many of these tours are conducted in traditional water taxis, or Abras, and will steer you around the magnificent sights of Dubai’s ancient trading history.

But whatever way you choose to relax while you’re in Dubai, group holidays can get very tiring. That’s why it’s a good idea to give yourself some time to refresh and relax at the end of the day, in order to prepare for your evening activities. For example, men on holiday in the Emirates can enjoy the superb h2O luxury spa in Dubai, located in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Catering exclusively to the male traveller, the spa makes it possible for men to indulge in modern spa techniques, and emerge fully revived for the evening ahead.

After a fun-filled day in Dubai, holidaymakers can descend on the city’s range of clubs and bars, usually found in Dubai’s more popular resorts and beach hotels. So, if you’re on a group vacation to Dubai with your friends, you can be sure that your vacation won’t just be relaxing – it’ll be unforgettable.

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