Interviewing DUI Lawyers For Legal Representation

When you start your search for DUI lawyers you should keep in mind the things that matter most to you such as what happens now? What types of charges do I face? What will I lose because of getting a DUI? Is it possible for the lawyers that I interview to get my case dropped? One of the first things you should do is to get familiar with your states current DUI laws. When you make up a list of DUI lawyers you should check out what their experience has been in the past. When you go to meet the lawyer the first question you should ask is May I contact your current customers to see what they have to say about your law offices? The knowledge and experience of the DUI lawyer that you interview is very important. When you go to different meetings with the local lawyer you should take any paper work that you have available concerning your case with you such as:


  • Take the original ticket that you were given when you were stopped
  • If you have a copy of your arrest record that shows the exact charges that you will be facing
  • If the police department that arrested you gave you any other paperwork you should take this paperwork with you as well
  • If you were bonded out of jail take this paperwork to show your DUI lawyer
  • If you have received any court notifications you should take these with you to show the lawyers, If you have anything that shows when your next court date is make sure that you have this with you


Here are a few questions you should ask when interviewing DUI lawyers for legal representation:


  1. How does your staff of the lawyer stay on top of the new DUI laws?
  2. What type of continuing education are you a part of?
  3. How long have you been practicing DUI law?
  4. How much court time do you have logged?
  5. Does your firm only do DUI Cases?
  6. If no what other type of case law do you specialize in?
  7. Have you seen DUI Cases like mine?
  8. What consequences am I facing?
  9. Where did you attend law school?
  10. What year did you graduate?
  11. How much do you charge per hour?
  12. How much is your retainer fee?
  13. How many DUI Cases have you won?
  14. How many DUI Cases have you lost?


Picking out the right DUI lawyer from your list is very important if you and your new attorney do not mesh well together then it will hinder your case. You should make sure the attorney that you choose has a local office. It would cost you a fortune in rising gas prices to have to drive 100 miles one way to visit your new lawyer. These questions are just a general idea of things you need to know when you are interviewing DUI lawyers, for this list to be complete you will need to add your own questions to this check list.

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