A Grateful Good Morning – Increasing Gratitude Daily

When you first come awake in the morning, what are the first thoughts that slink into your mind? I need a coffee… that was a lovely dream… is it the weekend yet?… what a beautiful day!

According to the old adage, we sometimes ‘wake up on the wrong side of the bed’, meaning your mood or enthusiasm that day is related to how you got up that morning. Those first few thoughts that run through your mind have an incredible impact your next twenty-four hours. Imagine that! That said, it is possible to take charge of your first thoughts by a simple process of invoking daily gratitude.

Gratitude is the act of being thankful, indebted and appreciative of any number of things. A grateful good morning is the act of welcoming the new day with thankfulness. Good morning sunday images By starting the day with a ‘thank you’, you are consciously bringing to the present moment the things that you appreciate (which are inevitably positive things). This in turn averts your thinking away from habitual, first-morning thoughts such as worry, stress, and tiredness. Furthermore, by contemplating grateful thoughts in the morning you set the stage for type of living you want to experience that day.

Perhaps you’re thinking, ‘Well I can’t control what my brain mulls over so early in the morning’. But in fact you can do so and quite easily, through a daily mind practice that becomes a daily routine – the same way you reach for the salt shaker before you’ve tasted the meal.

In those delightful moments between sleep and wakefulness, when your tightly shut eyes cling vainly to the last vestiges of a sweet dream, think of something you are grateful for: being alive to see a new day, the warm bed and roof over your head, https://hinduifestival.com/good-morning-sunday-images/ the free-of-charge choral performance by our feathered friends. As you listen to the gentle breathing of your beloved beside you, give thanks for their companionship, joy and love. Before your little bundles of joy come bounding onto your bed and belly, be grateful for their strong lungs, zest for life and infectious joy. When you feel the weight of the world start to creep heavily upon your shoulders once more, quickly give thanks for the challenges that bring new journeys, new prospects and new opportunities to exercise by your faith.

A simple process of recalling situations of thankfulness has an uncanny way of bringing more of the same and the joys that come with it. The mind is such a wellspring of hope that you can even express gratitude for things yet to transpire, things desired but unseen. The resultant hope that springs from a daily attitude of gratitude calms the spirit, reassures the mind, and rejuvenates the body.

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